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Lords of Xulima - Interview @ Game Skinny

by Couchpotato, 2014-07-14 06:44:49

Game Skinny interviewed Game Director Jesus Arribas, and asked a few questions about Lords of Xulima. Here is a short sample of the lengthy interview.

[GameSkinny] Jesús, thank you for joining me for this interview. You are now in beta, so I am sure you may be very busy! Can you tell the readers a little about Lords of Xulima, and how they can get to play the beta and help shape the continent of Xulima?

[Jesús] Thank you John. Lords of Xulima is a RPG inspired in the old great classics like Wizardry and Might and Magic, but with modern graphics and interface. It is a very challenging and epic adventure in which the player will explore a huge and mystic continent called Xulima where the Gods had their home in ancient times. The player can create their own party of six characters. The exploration is in isometric view, with beautiful hand drawn landscapes, and the combat is turn-based in first person view.

About the beta, we have it now available from our own website, and very soon it will be available in Steam Early Access. The Special Beta Edition from our website also includes some digital rewards like the book Bestiary & Mythology, the game guide and the high-definition world map. Also players can get access to the private development forums and share their opinions and feedback.

[GameSkinny] Sounds good, you are certainly setting up for a deep experience. How has the beta test been so far? You held an exclusive test for your Kickstarter backers, did that give you some solid data?

[Jesús] Yes, the feedback from our backers has been amazing. We have implemented lots of new features and tweaked lots of things to improve the balance and of course lots of small bugs fixed. We are very happy with the response from our community. Sharing the beta with backers was a great idea. Some of the backers has replayed the game several times, which is awesome, because the beta lasts about 50 hours (it is only the first half part of the game)

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