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RPGWatch - InSomnia Community Q&A

by Couchpotato, 2014-07-14 06:51:46

As promised here is the community Q&A with Studio Mono about their kickstarter RPG InSomnia. So a big thank you to the RPGWatch members who sent me their questions.

RPGWatch:Thank you for agreeing to the interview. Can you give a short description of your game company Studio Mono?

Studio MONO: I’m Anatoliy Guyduk and I’m the lead developer here at Studio MONO.  We’re a team from Russia, USA, Malaysia, Poland, Lithuania, Netherlands and Japan, all united by the singular vision of wanting to create the RPG of our dreams!  You play as humanity's last bastion of hope, on a colossal spaceship, a character awakens from cryogenic sleep.

RPGWatch: Where did you guys get the idea, or inspiration for the game ?

Studio MONO: This is quite a  complicated question, it is the work of many people, each give their own inspirations, so there are multiple prototypes and inspirations InSomnia is developed on. We have a lot of inspirations in literature (Stanislav Lem, Arkadiy & Boris Strygatskiy and many others), cinematography ( Tarkovskiy, Terry Giliam, Jim Jarmush & many others) we are fans of Planscape Torment & the classic Fallout series if we are talking about the video games. But it is just a small part our inspirations resources.

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