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Dragon Age: Inquisition - GaymerX Interview

by Aries100, 2014-07-14 19:38:10

Lady Insanity has put up an interview on her Tumblr she did with David Gaider at GaymerX 2014.  Maria Caliban has made a thread about this interview at the DA: Inquisition's forums.  She mentions highlights from the interview.

Here are some of them:

All human Inquisitors are nobles from the Free March. We don't start out as a leader.
The Red Templars can be automatons if the lyrium has overwhelmed the mind, but some are more intelligent.
Blood magic is still morally ambiguous, not just pure evil.
Red lyrium is not 'more powerful' than blue lyrium. It's something different.
A hedge mage can never be a proper mage.
A sarabaas is a form of hedge mage; can't do regular spell casting, they mostly just blow things up.
There are Circles in Rivani as well.
In Nevarra, for each person who dies, a spirit is invited into their body. This maintains a 'balance' between life and death. In older cemeteries, there are undead just wandering around.
Tevinter interbreed in order to create perfect mages. Nobles must always present themselves as perfect mages and any deviancy is looked down on. Families maintain their public self image.
The Tevinter consider themselves a meritocracy as even those born into slavery might become a mage, earn their freedom, and climb the social ladder. Elves within Tevinter tend to see this as evidence they have more opportunity there.
David is thinking of writing a new novel.

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