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Always Sometimes Monsters - Interview @ N4G

by Couchpotato, 2014-07-15 14:02:27

he N4G Blog did a new two part interview with Vagabond Dogs as part of it;'s Indie Month. and asked a fee questions about their game Always Sometimes Monsters.

You can read part one here, and the second part here.

FogKnight: How was Vagabond Dog born?

Justin: After spending about a year on the road, traveling around North America and meeting a variety of game developers for a journalism project, I returned home with a vision for what ultimately would become Always Sometimes Monsters. With no real experience making games, I reached out to Jake to see if he'd be interested in seeing what could come of it. Once we started working together, the company just sort of fell in place around us as we got our first prototype up and running.

FogKnight: What are Vagabond Dog's goals as an independent game studio?

Justin: We want to provide people with games that can relate to their lives in a meaningful way. We hope people can find something in Always Sometimes Monsters that rings true to their own experiences in life.

FogKnight: How did the team arrive at the concept of making a game about life, and how do you think that is significant as a first studio project?

Justin: The game largely came about during my road trip, and was refined thereafter as we started developing the prototype. Wanting to make a game that captured life and reality in this particular fashion came out of a desire for sharing the feelings I'd had on the road, particularly the dissolving of absolutes and the self-judgment morality that took hold of me while I was out there.

As a first project for the studio, it was probably over ambitious. Sane people start with something they can easily produce in a short time frame and iterate on if it's good. We dove face-first into trying to replicate the complexities of choice in life. Not a smart move, but one that's mostly paid off for us so far.

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