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The Memory of Eldurim - Current Status Update

by Couchpotato, 2014-07-15 14:05:34

Here is a new status update for The Memory of Eldurim. The developers has been silent, but has a bunch of short posted on the Steam forums.

Since we aren't sure of the exact date of the release of the update we can detail a bit about where we are.

Artistically, 2 More full sets of armor need to be modeled baked and rigged. New assets for another area on the starting island need to made and placed.

Programatically, Multiplayer is getting close. AI needs some work, and a few old features need to be brought up into the new engine.

Combat is going to get a LOT of attention. This will require testing and additional animations. We may release with combat in a good state, and continue to polish with your feedback until it is in a great state.

Magic needs to be re-worked and improved for the new engine.

NPCs and quests are written but need to be implemented into the game.

There are many dozens, if not hundreds, of little things that still need to be taken care of, but this covers the macro scale of what we are currently trying to get done.

Much has been done in the way of art, and gutting and re-writing code that would not have worked out long term.

I would say we are definitely past half way to finishing the update from when we started it. Hopefully we can get another video demonstrating multi-player and/or combat soon.

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