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Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms - New Preview

by Couchpotato, 2014-07-15 14:09:15

Invision Community has posted a new preview for Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms.

Shadows: Heretic Kingdom instantly falls into that oh-so-vague “action RPG” category, a net so broad it catches some of the biggest successes of the past decade (Mass Effect, Torchlight, Dragon Age) and some of the less impressive titles (Diablo III, we’re looking at you). This is a particularly difficult genre to purchase into – mainly because the gaming gold/absolute shite line runs particularly thin.

This particular developer has yet to make a real impact with the Shadows titles, a fact they acknowledge on the game’s Steam page and claim to be addressing. Bear in mind that the game is in Early Access and still a long, long way from being finished (still in pre-alpha at time of writing) so from here on out consider this all subject to change.

Is it worth buying in this early? Probably not – but Shadows has some alarmingly bright glimmers of promise and it could very well shape up to be a real contender, provided the combat improves over time and the so far capable design holds up. There’s not an awful lot to go on at this moment in time but if it keeps shaping up the way it is, we just might have a hit on our hands.

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