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Divinity: Original Sin - Patch 1.0.72 Released

by Couchpotato, 2014-07-16 05:06:49

Larian Studios has released a massive patch on Steam for Divinity: Original Sin. The biggest addition is the new AI Personalities they promised to add later.

Patch V1.0.72 - Introducing AI Personalities

Hello everybody!

We just released the first official patch for Divinity:Original Sin which introduces the concept of AI personalities.

During character creation, you can now select a specific personality for your characters. When a personality is active the AI will automatically make dialogue choices (based on its personality) for the avatar that isn't selected.

In addition to this, we've made a lot of improvements as well as bug fixes and balancing changes. You do not need to start a completely new game for these changes to work. Of course, your savegames will keep on working.

You'll also notice that you can now publish to Steam Workshop using the Divinity Engine Toolkit.

The full change list is too large to post as an announcement, but you can check it out on our forums.

Please make sure that you verify the integrity of your game cache after patching. To do so, right click on Divinity:Original Sin in your game library, select properties, then select local files and finally click on "verify integrity of game cache"

Have fun!

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