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Unrest - Graphics & Steam Key Update

by Couchpotato, 2014-07-17 04:07:40

Pyrodactyl Games latest kickstarter update for Unrest has information on the games graphics. and talks about new Steam Keys for backers.

First, a message from our artist:

I’m Mikk, the artist of Unrest. I’ll be telling you about how I drew Unrest.

We started work on the new set of art in the middle of the Kickstarter, when we hit that stretch goal for new art. The idea was to create a new unique hand painted aesthetic style, and that comes with its own set of problems. I could've hand drawn each level in its entirety, but there's a reason almost nobody does that. We wanted quite a large world with about 5 distinct regions, both inside and outside Bhimra. If each region had about 5 levels, that is a lot to draw. It could work with a huge team of artists and the resources to pay them, but we didn't have that. The other problem is that all the levels would be giant images taking a lot of space on your hard drive and video memory, along with the animated sprites and other misc. graphics. Even now, about half of our level files are 4000x3000 pixels or larger.

Arvind with a message about Steam keys:

Hi backers, remember that time when we told you that we would give you Steam keys?

Well, you can now redeem your Unrest Steam keys via Humble Bundle! Note that the game will unlock only on the release date, but otherwise, you're good to go.

If you don't remember how to get your Humble store page, visit this link: https://www.humblebundle.com/?s=resender and enter the email you filled in your survey.

NOTE: There was a minor snafu by Humble which resulted in duplicate keys, and as a result some of you may have got scary messages on Steam when we fixed the problem. The aforementioned scary messages were not written by us, and we do not agree with their contents. I believe Valve misjudged the situation slightly, but I apologize for any trouble the messages have caused.

Please feel free to PM me via Kickstarter, or email me at arvind@pyrodactyl.com if there's a problem.

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