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Runemaster - Development Diary #20

by Couchpotato, 2014-07-17 04:57:41

Paradox has posted the next Development Diary for Runemaster a few days later than usual. This time the update has more information on the games world Jotunheim.

Runemaster - Dev Diary 20 - World: Jotunheim

This dev diary got a bit late due to vacations and me coming back to work thinking this dd was going up next monday and not two days ago. Currently slightly less than half the team is out getting some of that precious sun we get so little of during the rest of the year and the rest of us are working hard on getting the builds we're taking to Gamescom in Cologne as ready as can be. In contrast with the warm summer weather that we're enjoying on the northern hemisphere right now, this dev diary will take you to ice cold Jotunheim.

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