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After Reset - Kickstarter Successfully Funded

by Couchpotato, 2014-07-18 05:33:12

Mr. Nixon of Black Cloud Studios is happy to announce his kickstarter RPG game After Reset is now funded. He managed to earn $36,626 of $35,000 goal with 34 left.

Congratulations Mr. Nixon.

Good news, everyone!

My dear friends,

Today we’ve crossed the Rubicon in the history of After Reset. We’ve funded and it took us only 10 days to achieve it. And when I say ‘we’ I imply every one of YOU even more than myself, or anyone else Black Cloud Studios. Rephrasing my namesake: “We must always remember that modern gamers represent a great nation today not because of what developers did for gamers but because of what gamers did for themselves and for one another.”

I truly regard After Reset as a proof that any… really any mere gamer, like myself, can take it upon themselves to stop moaning on forums and establish your own serious development team to build the game of their dreams. It won’t be easy. It will probably be much harder than your pervious life. But if you follow your heart, you will find a way.

Once again, congratulations my friends!

He also inclued a short Q&A so be sure to read that also.

Q: Why did you drop our goal from $900k to $35k?

A: We still plan to create the same big and sophisticated RPG as we originally planed, but to make this game real we had to split it up into smaller chapters. With your help we can complete the Prologue and put it into Steam EA, and possibly GOG EA as well. According the statistics, SEA brings 10 times more donations than Kickstarter does. That is the good motivator for us to go for a critical hit in maximizing our efforts now for extra stretch goals and achievements.


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