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Pillars of Eternity - Another Preview Roundup

by Couchpotato, 2014-07-24 16:26:30

Pillars of Eternity once again had a bunch of sites release more previews based on the games demo. So as usual here they are in another roundup. Enjoy everyone.


The demo came to a close, but not before the three-person adventuring party navigated an eerie temple, where black oozes, spiderlings, and a floor tile puzzle provided the biggest obstacles, while a choir chanted in the background and French horns called out their fanfares. The adventurers emerged into the Ruins of Cilant Lis, where they were greeted by a giant whirring magical device and the guardians protecting it. The game's title appeared on screen, leaving me to wonder if Pillars of Eternity will refresh role-playing traditions or simply replicate them--and whether pure replication is anything to scoff at, given the legacy of Baldur's Gate and its ilk. Nevertheless, I have faith not just in the strength of the Infinity Engine template, but in Obsidian's ability to use that template to craft a journey worth taking.


After spending some time with Pillars of Eternity, I love how it manages to tap into the nostalgia of old-school CRPGs with its numerous options and deep customization, while also bringing the genre into the 21st century with more dynamic environments, beautiful graphics, and faster combat. Pillars of Eternity promises to have something for everyone, and so far I’m confident Obsidian can deliver on that promise.


Everything about Pillars of Eternity seems to be hitting on the classic experience you would expect from an isometric view-RPG from the late '90s. There is an extensive character customization system that allows you to choose from races such as the traditional elf, dwarf, and human variety, but there is also a cone-headed race called the Godlike and several others unique to Pillars that change things up a bit. You'll gather loot, outfit your party with abilities and gear, and battle enemies using the game's active combat system.

The Sixth Axis

Going off the game’s initial pitch on Kickstarter, of revisiting the popular classic RPGs of the Infinity Engine, what Pillars of Eternity has actually come to be surpasses what I would have expected. It’s instead aiming for an expansive richness and depth to practically every facet of the game, whether it’s the new fantasy setting and time period or the breadth of playable possibilities which the character creation tools can create.

And as a bonus thanks to Vurt we have a new video from Giant Bomb.

Your favorite muscle wizards, Brad and Rorie, want to know if they can turn off their cloaks. Not that they ever would.

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