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Legend of Grimrock 2 - Summer Vacation Time

by Couchpotato, 2014-07-27 15:48:18

The Legend of Grimrock 2 website has an update with information from Almost Human that development will be slowing down due to summer vacation.

Summer Vacation Time!

Hey, our summer vacations are starting just in a few hours so here’s a quickie Grimrock 2 status update before we vanish into oblivion (aka. the beautiful Finnish summer). I myself have been dueling against a cursed todo-list which, when one item is struck off the list, grows back to its full size! The speedy regeneration of the list is made possible by a full-time albeit temporary tester, Erik, we have had here in the office playing through the game for the last two weeks. That means that there’s been a barrage of tiny tweaks and improvements to all the areas of the game: a lot of detailing, fine tuning and balancing! So a LOT of small things have happened but despite the small size of the tweaks, they’ve been so numerous that game has really taken a huge leap towards being a finished product.

Despite the big advances we’ve had lately, the best way to progress with the project right now actually is to take a short two week break so we can get some fresh air and see the game with fresh eyes again. It’s been long journey, longer than we initially even set out to do, and it’s very easy to start suffering from a sort of a development speed blindness where it gets real hard to judge your own work, and judgement is what we need when we get back to work and start to wrap things up! After the vacation we intend to get the game to a beta status ASAP and continue extending the testing efforts to find all the remaining bugs and balancing issues. And like with the previous game, when we talk about beta testing, we don’t mean an open beta so no need to send in any applications. I know you mean well but we’d rather have you playing the finished, well-polished product instead since we already have a pretty secure supply of friends-n-family testers. 


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