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Gothic 3 - Review @ Dead Alfs

by Kalia, 2006-11-21 18:56:56

The "Dead Alfs" site has reviewed Gothic III and scored it an anemic 55%:

I wish I could apologise for my apparently harsh views by holding up the fact I'm not a normal RPG fan as an excuse for this rant. But in fact it's only a reason to think that Oblivion was a one-off and for the casual RPG-er, the only choice.

If the RPG elements are your main requirement, the management of your skills, abilities and inventory, then this game is as good as any other, perhaps. My only regret is that the trailers for this made it appear more like an experience than the chore that it is, and I allowed my marketing cynicism to fall for a moment and believed it.

For dedicated genre fans only.

Source: IGN

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