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Fallen: A2P Protocol - Sharing the Process

by Couchpotato, 2014-08-10 08:12:27

Red Katana's latest update for Fallen: A2P Protocol shares some information about funding,and gives us a a look at the early development of the game.

Sharing some of the process...

We are very excited about making this game and have you on board. We still have a long road ahead, and need your help and support to make it happen. Remember Kickstarter is an all or nothing approach, so we need to reach our minimum of u$75,000 in about 29 days to achieve the goal.

If you are a Steam user also remember to vote us on Greenlight. We achieve almost 50% to reach TOP100 in just 48 hours! So please keep voting us and we will be getting to the top soon :)

We created an amazing story, and tons of concept and inspirational art to make this game. We are working hard to translate that into in game content.

We wanted to share a few images that show the process on how we are doing to translate from sketches to in game prototype. We still need to iterate, polish and work a lot in the final graphics, the GUI, effects, etc. but take a peak.

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Fallen: A2P Protocol

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