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Invisible, Inc - Interview @ RPS

by Couchpotato, 2014-08-11 05:37:07

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has posted a new interview with Klei founder, and Lead Programmer Jamie Cheng about Invisible, Inc.

RPS: Do you have a plan in Early Access, for how often you’re going to release updates and update the community?

Cheng: We definitely do the planning thing, although it usually it goes right into the garbage as soon as it touches people. That’s what we’ve found.

Yeah, we have plans. We have plans for new agents, we have plans for a new corporation, we have plans for new missions, a plan for daily challenges. We’re not exactly sure how long it’ll take us to build those things. Currently I think it’s going to be around monthly. For Don’t Starve it was every two weeks and that was a pretty intense pace. I also think that works better in Don’t Starve because it’s more agreeable to adding things that don’t quite work yet. In a stealth game, it’s really, really obvious that it’s broken, and it totally doesn’t work. At all. The whole game falls apart if something doesn’t work. We’ve got to be a little more careful about that, and we definitely want the game to be solid the entire way through.

So I think it’s going to be about once a month, but when it hits the public we’ll see.

RPS: You mentioned when we spoke to you back in January that you didn’t know yet whether it would have mod support. Do you know now?

Cheng: We don’t have it there right now. It’s not implemented right now. That’s about all– I don’t know. I actually still don’t know.

What happened in Don’t Starve was that the game was working, so now let’s look at what other things we might want to do and mod support is one of them. So we went ahead and implemented basic mod support and slowly built from there.

[Invisible, Inc] has taken everything that we got, basically. [laughs] Just to make the game really solid has taken everything we’ve got. Maybe after that, we can think about what else we might want to add, but right now there’s no mod support.

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