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Unbended - Change Of Forums

by Couchpotato, 2014-08-11 05:52:05

Impressum has a new update on the Unbended website anout some forum changes.

Dear community, It’s finally time. We’re already spoken about our new forum software elsewhere on this forum, but now, we can at last give you a date for the switch.

On Wednesday, the 13th august 2014 from 7 pm (GMT +2) we’re going to turn off the bbpress forum and switch to Xenforo.

To ensure that we take all data with us, you will have to do without our forums for a few hours.
Right now, it looks like we can carry over all content but your friendships. So please make a note of who you’ve friended so you can add them again at Xenforo.

Don’t worry: all usernames and passwords will be kept!

We hope you’re as exited for the new forum as we are.


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