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After Reset - Character Skills

by Myrthos, 2014-08-11 12:28:14

In their 34th post-funding update for After Reset the devs talk about the character skills, which can be grouped together in the acronym SACPIC.

A skill is a character's talent that he or she acquires and improves through training. Each skill represents a different field of expertise. As a character advances in level, he or she gets better at using some or all of the skills.

An amount of skill points are gained at 1st level depends on the Species of the character. Skills can be improved by reading specific books, completing quests within the game, or equipping special objects with relevant skill bonuses. But in general, skill levels can be increased by allocating skill points earned from gaining levels. These points can be used to increase the rank of any skill.

However, tagged skills are more easily understood if they were. Those tagged skills are selected during character creation process and their amount is determined by character race. While tagged skills provide 1 skill rank for each skill point invested, normal skills are more expensive to represent the difficulty of learning requiring 2 skill points invested per 1 skill rank.

SACPIC stats (Strength, Agility, etc.) modify skills with a considerable bonus. The game keeps track of this bonus throughout the game, in real-time. Any changes to stats during the game add to or subtract from this modifier.


A skill check is a check relating to use of a skill. The basic skill check = d20 + current skill rank. Additional skill modifiers may be applicable (i.e. current skill rank = base skill rank + stat modifier + special feats modifiers + special items modifiers + etc.)

The check works just like an attack roll or a saving throw - the higher the roll, the better. Either you're trying to match or exceed a certain difficulty class (DC), or you’re trying to beat another character's check result, i.e., an opposed skill check.

For example: to sneak quietly past a raider, a scavenger needs to beat the raider's Listen and Search (if active) checks results with her own Hide check.

Most of skill checks are made on the background but several active skills that provide abilities have limited amount of use per day. To restore those manually activated abilities character must rest. The basic number of manual activation per day for tagged skills is equal to 3 at 1st level and it raises +1 each 4 levels (4, 8, 12, 16, 20).

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