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Fallen: A2P Protocol - More About the Beginning

by Couchpotato, 2014-08-12 05:50:25

Red Katana's next update for Fallen: A2P Protocol talks about kickstarter stats, and shares a few more new images of the game. The game has 25 days to get funded.

Something more about the beginning

We hope you had a great weekend.Let us share some updates regarding the progress of this campaign: We are a little bit over 10% funded and still 26 days to go so we need your help to keep going and spread the word so we can reach more backers and make it happen.

Also we are almost 70% on the way of the TOP 100 for Greenlight on Steam in just 5 days. Today we wanted to share some early inspirationals. 

We started creating this world and story long time ago...

At first we were thinking of doing something more contemporary post-apocalyptic where you would find only the current technology, but then we decided to make it happen around 2125, where you would find also some cool high tech gear. Climate disaster was always on our minds from the start and one of the main causes of this world going to hell. So that´s why you will find ships and submarines in a desert or some other place without water :)

Weather changes and events are one of the important features of the game, that will force you adapt your strategy if you want to be successful on the different missions.

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