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Hard West - Update About Your Concerns

by Couchpotato, 2014-08-12 06:15:29

PlayWays latest kickstarter update for Hard West is a response to some of the major concerns of the gamers bakers. So read on if your curious, or a future backer.

What's up with PlayWay and CFG?  

First - PlayWay has some finances invested in CFG, and works as a no-problemo publisher-proxy. They're OK with everything we give them, literally. That's sheer awesomeness, right there. Of course as long as it's up to par technically. The amount of trust here is enormous. So PlayWay allows us to use their KS account (it's very problematic to start KS campaign if you're outside of US, UK, Canada). Plus, PlayWay has a big brand to protect, and will wrap it up even if we fail - there's a huge workforce and lots of resources/options in there, "The Way" team is just one of the sub-teams. So PlayWay is actually a backup for all of us. Their history of published games is proof that they're good at wrapping it up.

Second, Let me reassure you a bit and tell you a word about us.

We're a close-knit team, delivered several games inside Techland together, and finished one RTS as CFG.  


As mentioned in the Video (soon with subtitles!) (sorry!) we don't expect a full production funding. We need a kickstart. The funds from our last finished project are running late and we need a bridge to get across. Owing to our publisher, it wasn't revealed yet and we have to bootstrap through KS, else we risk going out of the market/miss paying our bills BEFORE you even get to hear the title.

Absolutely worst case scenario - $70k will allow us to survive until we can publish a solid EA containing what you saw in the trailer and the 6-scenario campaign, we go down, PlayWay wraps it up.  

Best case scenario, there's a lot of awesome stuff for us just around the corner, if we can only get there:  

  • We'll get the final batch of funds for finishing our last project - 100% sure, but date remains unknown  
  • Our RTS project gets released, and starts selling  
  • Early Access sells  
  • This campaign draws attention of investment partners to us (this is actually already happening, nothing solid yet though, we just started talking)

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