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Ghost of a Tale - Gamescom Fact Sheet

by Couchpotato, 2014-08-13 01:44:35

The developer of Ghost of a Tale Seith has released a new fact sheet for the game.

Fact Sheet

Ghost of a Tale is a 3rd person action adventure game for PC. Set in a medieval world inhabited only by animals, the story follows the quest of Tilo – a courageous minstrel mouse – searching for his lost family. Combining elements of classic adventure and exploration games with highly immersive visuals, Ghost of a Tale weaves an epic yet intimate story.

Equipped with a mouse’s talents for stealth, quick-thinking, agility and disguise – and a love of music – Tilo must explore a dangerous world, solving mysteries while evading the clutches of his enemies. For Tilo is no great warrior: He can’t fight his huge, lethal adversaries directly!

Key Features:

Sneaky – You can creep through the world almost silently, avoiding the patrolling rats and other predators. But even the sneakiest of mice can be spotted! When an enemy gives chase you must move quickly to find a safe place to hide.
Sneaking makes Tilo more aware of what’s around him, and the dangers that may lie ahead: Enemies’ footsteps can be heard more keenly, while chests, barrels and other items reveal themselves as possible hiding places for the adventurous mouse.

Smart - Tilo’s world holds many secrets and puzzles for you to solve. You’ll be using your brain and keen powers of observation to make your way past the perils that await you. Sometimes, when all seems lost, you can still count on Tilo’s trusted lute to get out of trouble.

Curious - Tilo’s body language will alert you to useful items nearby that might otherwise go unnoticed. If you look well enough, you’ll find a variety of hats – as all mice do, Tilo has a love for hats – and other articles of clothing scattered around the world which he can wear. Sometimes, dressing in the right disguise will help you to move unseen through the world, and explore seemingly inaccessible areas.

Agile - Mice are famous for being exceptionally nimble! When confronted by danger, you can scamper swiftly away or leap out of reach. You can even use a sharp burst of speed to outpace Tilo’s foes. Skillfully use the environment to slow your enemies or lure them into traps! The choice is yours…

Sorry no links for you guys as this is just a PR statement. You can visit the games web page for more information if you still don't know what the game is about.

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