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Original Sin - Review Roundup #6

by Couchpotato, 2014-08-22 06:11:43

Well here are a few more reviews for Original Sin from the last two weeks.

Pixelgate - No Score

Original Sin’s production values are pretty slick. The visuals are vibrant and reflect the tones of the game nicely. Character modes and environments are packed with detail consistent with the world. When the spells are flying, the visuals take on a new life. Explosives colours burst into life, the audio sings proudly, it all feeds into the end experience.

The Koalition - 94/100

It is indeed, a “Old-school CRPG with new ideas and modern execution.” If you can get excited about any part of that phrase, I recommend Divinity: Original Sin as a game that you will truly love and I hope that it sets a trend for future titles.

MMO Games - 3.5/5

The beautiful isometric artistic styling and complex turn-based mechanics pay a great homage to the games of old, but there are plenty of newer RPGs that simply do everything better.

IllGaming - 9.5/10

Divinity: Original Sin is an exceptional RPG that brings quite a few new things to the table and gets its formula perfect to keep you hooked for hours on end. It’s one of those games that have all the markings of a Classic.

Gamebanshee -  No Score

Still, while you shouldn't necessarily believe that Original Sin is the best thing since sliced bread, it's still a worthwhile purchase.  The campaign offers 100 hours of content (which will only grow larger once modders sink their teeth into the game), there are some good puzzles and fun quests, and the combat engine is unique and interesting.

Larian also released patch 1.0.130 today on Steam.

This update mostly brings some overdue fixes on the code and balancing side of things, although there are some small improvements to UI as well. Several story and ganeplay fixes have also been incorporated. We've also done some re-balancing in the Dark Forrest area, which should hopefully make things a little more difficult.

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