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RPGWatch - Pillars of Eternity Presentation

by Myrthos, 2014-08-22 22:46:00

Last week I was at Gamescom and one of the meetings was with Josh Sawyer and Adam Brennecke for Pillars of Eternity. They walked me through the backer beta in 30 minutes. In this article you can find what it was they said about the game.

The backer beta starts in the village of Dyrford, it is a side area in the game and not plot critical. The village is built on top of an old settlement and comes with a dungeon below it. In the village there is a backer defined inn, named The Dracogen Inn, where we find the barman Dengler, named after one of their backers, to rent a room for sleeping. Compared to the Inifinity Engine games, sleeping works differently in PoE. They wanted to make sure the inns in PoE were a bit more compelling to use. As a result your party will get a long term buff when sleeping in one of the better bedrooms of the inn and the more exclusive your room, the better the buff. You can also sleep everywhere outside of an inn if you have camping equipment in your inventory. Sleeping outside is safe and will not get you attacked but will remove any buff you received from sleeping at the inn. They feel this makes sleeping more about the strategic choices of using limited camping resources and not about a random chance of being attacked.
As in the Infinitty Engine games, sleeping restores all your health and the spells you might have used.

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