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Vanguard - Interviews @ Vanguard Spheres & WarCry

by Inauro, 2006-11-22 21:50:05

Vanguard Spheres and WarCry talk with Sigil's Associate Producer, Todd Masten and Whitney Slagle, Office Assistant, respectively.

Vanguard Spheres

“Wow, it's been over a year since our last interview. It now seems to be approaching the home stretch with a Winter '07 release window, rather than back in Fall of '05 when you folks had a larger window of "2006". To summarize (if even possible), how has development changed since then?”

“Where to begin? We've made significant advances in our development pipeline and really streamlined the process. We've implemented all of the major systems in the game world and we are in the process of iterating, tuning, and tweaking everything. There are several places where the team was perhaps a bit, (read insanely), overambitious, and we've had to make some tough choices in scaling certain areas of the world down and earmarking other areas for post-launch and expansion content. We've also switched publishers to better position Vanguard in the market space since last we spoke. This was a relatively controversial decision, but one that was the best thing for the company and game moving forward.”


2. What are the responsibilities that your position entails?

Basically, my position covers a little bit of everything. I help get the place up and running in the mornings, which always involves providing several different means of caffeine, and the ever popular sugar rush. I’m fairly certain that the Sigil machine would shut down given a shortage of soda, Snickers bars, and Laffy Taffy, so I provide the fuel for the fire.

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