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Eldritch - Interview @ Gameluster

by Couchpotato, 2014-08-24 05:12:35

Gameluster has posted a new interview with David Pittman of Minor Key games to talk about Eldritch, and their upcoming game Neon Struct.

J.J. Evangelista: How did you get into the industry, and what made you decide to get into this medium?  What inspires you and your team to create?

David Pittan: Kyle and I grew up playing video games like many people our age; but from a young age, we also had an interest in learning how games were made. We taught ourselves to program in BASIC from sample code in science magazines, and that hobby grew into a career goal.

Our inspirations are diverse, but we both value and appreciate games which empower the player to be creative and to explore. I like to play big budget games as well as indie games, but there often seems to be an inverse relationship between a game’s budget and its willingness to let the player go off the beaten path (literally or metaphorically).

J.J. Evangelista: What was the inspiration behind Eldritch?  What made you decide to use books as the means of crossing into other worlds?

 David Pittman: The initial spark of an idea was to make a game with the systemic complexity of a BioShock or a Deus Ex, but with the unique moments and unpredictable challenges of a roguelike. I did not originally envision it as a Lovecraftian game, but chose that setting while searching for a theme that would provide an interesting set of worlds, weapons, monsters, and magic. The basic premise was of a character trapped in an unimaginably large library, venturing deeper and deeper into magical books to retrieve powers from the creatures contained within and ultimately unlock a path out of the library. The final version of the library paled in comparison to my vision, but it was a good place to start.

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