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That Which Sleeps - GUI Overhauls & Portraits

by Couchpotato, 2014-08-24 05:40:06

King Dinosaur Games latest development update for That Which Sleeps has information about some new GUI overhauls, and in-game portraits.

The seemingly endless string of GUI overhauls continues as we finish up the peripheral screens, as well as the actual Main Screen itself.  I also continue to get sidetracked by localization and modding support - every object and class now has a serialization helper class that makes breaking the object down into XML or bringing it back into the game incredibly easy.  I also put in some extra effort to add full sprite and sprite sheet support to the mod elements so people can really go crazy with theme.

All this work was something we had told ourselves we wouldn't do until after Kickstarter, but it just seemed to make sense.  I still have some cleanup work to do on the Serialization, and a few of the GUI screens just aren't quite looking right yet, but right after that gets done this week we will be back on schedule remaking the videos with our new art and releasing them one after the other. 

It's always hard to decide when to stop, loop back, and try and improve on what you have versus moving forward as planned.  I think we made the right call here, the level of increased interest we've seen raises the prospect of a good Kickstarter, and that raises the prospect of this game getting the treatment it deserves.

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