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Wasteland 2 - New Preview Roundup

by Couchpotato, 2014-08-25 05:32:35

Here are two previews for Wastelands 2 that I was able to find this week.


Overall, the game seems well put together, though it is definitely an experience that requires forethought and planning in how you approach it. Graphically, it seems that things aren’t as optimised as they could be at this point – my computer is no beast, but a system that can run The Witcher 2 on almost-Ultra settings shouldn’t have as much trouble as it did running a game with such a comparatively low level of graphical fidelity. I had to knock the game down to lowest-quality graphics before it would run at a framerate that wasn’t eye-bleedingly choppy. Obviously PC graphics compatability is a minefield, but hopefully this will be ironed out before the final launch. The game definitely has a decent level of polish at its higher settings, it’d just be nice to play it and not feel like I’m watching a slideshow.

Digitally Downloaded

Wasteland 2 is still in the early-access phase, so bugs and regular updates are a given. However, I didn’t encounter anything truly game-breaking, and everything ran well on my mid-spec PC. Reassuringly, the game is fully playable right now, and there’s still time for the developers to tweak things before the (rumoured) official release in September. Even in its current state, Wasteland 2 is an excellent game. With a little more polish, the combination of strong narrative, enduring gameplay and up-to-the-minute presentation could very well make it a modern classic.

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