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Path of Exile - Weekend News Update

by Couchpotato, 2014-08-25 05:40:13

Grinding Gear Games has posted new weekend update for Path of Exile with news on Stash Tab Sales, Server Stability, Concurrency Record, and new Beyond Updates.

We've had a lot of reports about server stability issues in the last few hours, mostly from Canada and to a lesser extent, other areas of Northern America. We've escalated the issue to our server host who are investigating it. These types of issues usually involve internet issues between various ISPs and can be resolved with the ISPs investigating for a few hours. We're keeping a close eye on it!

There's a similar issue going on with our Australian gateway over a longer period of time, related to internet choppiness between Australia and our master servers in America. We're looking for solutions to this and are confident that we can resolve it.

We broke another international player concurrency record last night and it's very clear that tonight is going to be another all-time high! I'll let you know how it went after the weekend.

We've been receiving a lot of feedback about the Forsaken Masters expansion. The vast majority is extremely positive, but some players have expressed concern with the balance of some of the bosses in the Beyond league. We are reading the feedback, continuing to playtest, looking at player data and making more changes. I expect the next set of changes will be deployed on Monday or Tuesday. The leagues are an evolving thing, and we're keen to hit the sweet spot of challenge, reward and fun.

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