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Space Rangers 2: Review @ 1Up

by Kalia, 2006-06-09 15:47:00
1 Uphas a review of Space Rangers 2 today. 1 Up editors rate the game an 8.0/10, while users rate it a 7.8, giving it an overall score of 7.9.
The only serious flaw of the game is kind of a subjective one. There are some optional tutorial missions when the game starts, but it's not long before the player is thrust into the universe without much in the way of hints as to where they need to be and when. Wandering too far from home too early can result in repeated ass kicking. It's the usual penalty paid by open-ended games, and it makes for one of those infrequent modern cases where reading the manual is a must and easy mode is actually worth playing for a bit. For those who don't like being babysat this is hardly a flaw at all, of course.

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