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Dark And Light - Interview @ Ten Ton Hammer

by Dhruin, 2006-11-27 20:50:51

Farlan Entertainment's Géraldine Lescs has been interviewed at Ten Ton Hammer about Dark and Light.  The Q&A opens with an odd question considering the game ceased billing players while they reorganised:

Jeff "Ethec" Woleslagle, Ten Ton Hammer:   Our congratulations for a fairly smooth launch for such an ambitious game. I do have to ask though: five hundred quests at release sounds like a fairly low number for such a vast 10,000 mi2 game world. World of Warcraft has over 3,200 quests, by contrast, in a much smaller game world (roughly the size of the greater New York City metro area between its two continents, or about 300 square miles, by ). Would you say Dark and Light's focus is on exploration rather than achieving levels quickly through completing quests one after another, or are the rewards for DnL's quests bigger than what MMO gamers are accustomed to?

Géraldine Lescs, Farlan Entertainment: First, the payers who enter the world of Ganareth do not access to the whole world but only Dark, Light, Al Drifa, Ysatis and Agnar kingdoms, which surface is not as large as the whole world of Ganareth. Second, we always claimed that Dark and Light was offering real freedom. This is why we decided not to force our players to quest all the time but incite them to explore, meet other players, create guilds, build their own world; not only questing.

We didn't reach all our objectives as, due to the size of the world anyway, players needed to be handled at the beginning. This is why we implemented new quests and we reworked the starting zones in order to help players to evolve faster and easer through the world of Ganareth. Very soon, all the players who will enter Dark and Light will be welcomed in a unique starting zone, all players of an alignment being gathered in the same zone.

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