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Vanguard - Preview @ Worthplaying

by Dhruin, 2006-11-28 22:13:17

Worthplaying has put up a fairly detailed general preview of Vanguard:

Returning back to what I was touching on in the introductory paragraph of this write up, there is the “this is nothing new” effect. That’s a harsh way of putting it, but my ability to phrase that in a more elegant fashion has temporarily vacated my skull. You see, the play elements of Vanguard aren’t paradigm-shifting. No, they are essentially the exact same mechanics as we see in EverQuest 2 and World of Warcraft. Create your avatar, click on NPC characters for a series of quests to complete that not only explain the world lore and mythology but provide you with better equipment than what you have, rinse, repeat, explore, find new NPC’s, do their quests too, take in some crafting, make some better equipment, make some friends, maybe join a guild, and just generally bomb around in this world-that-isn’t-yet-is. While this doesn’t sound immediately engaging, remember my pizza analogy- “ugh, pizza is pizza”. No, when placed in the hands of a chef with any skill pizza is so much more than just pizza. (I’ve now just used the word “pizza” five, no six, times in two sentences. So much for my vow to avoid word repetition.)

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