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HoMM 5: Hammers of Fate - Review @ Playfuls

by Dhruin, 2006-11-29 21:02:26

Playful's has posted their review of HoMMV: Hammers of Fate. The score is 7.2/10 and here's a snip, which proves no easier to read than their last article we covered:

The reduced content of novelty dissolves quite rapidly in a mix of "beatitude" and ease in advancement. At a Normal difficulty setting, things tend to become in no time extremely easy. I'm not a player who doesn't appreciate the fair-play attitude, reserved to the first part of the script, when everyone is preoccupied with seeking natural deposits and building their own towns, but when things tend to remain fixed on the same seamless line, something whispers in my ear that it's time for a much more detailed analysis, somewhat agitated under the premise of a programming "error". Thus, the guardian-creatures and even the other heroes that call the map their home, rarely pose any danger for the player controlled hero, and even when he stumbles upon a "well-oiled" army (after several good hours spent in the game world), the A.I.'s hesitant nature offers the necessary time to regroup and strengthen the soldiers' rows. The differences between Normal and Hard become much too obvious and disturbing. In the end, Medium would've supposed an attempt to minimize certain aspects that would've pose problems to the player, but by Normal, I consider sharing the experience that the producers intended for the players to live. Very considerate of them, a little bit more tweak under the hood and maybe things would've followed a more accentuated ascendant slope. I'm not denying the fact that eventually, everything is set into motion, but it's much too late to save the appearances.

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