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NWN2 - Review @ Pro-G

by Dhruin, 2006-11-30 20:55:37

A modest 7/10 is the score for NWN2 at Pro-G in their review.  There are a number of minor complaints, with the interface coming in for the most criticism:

Perhaps most disconcerting, however, is what Obsidian has done to the game's interface. The intuitive and elegant radial pop-up menu from the prequel has been replaced by a cumbersome context-sensitive menu that actually makes it harder to assign spells or abilities to your character's taskbar and is a definite backwards step. Needing to drag the mouse while right-clicking to get the menu to appear at all is counter-intuitive and an annoyingly needless complication. Worse, you can no longer hold down the Tab key to find objects that you can interact with, meaning that you have to revert to old school "run the mouse cursor over everything" tactics to prevent you missing a chest containing an important plot item. There's nothing more irksome than having to traipse all the way across two maps to pick up a pair of gauntlets that you can't complete a quest without, because the chest they are hidden in was tucked away in a dark corner...

Source: Bluesnews

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