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Gothic 3 - Review @ Game Zone

by Kalia, 2006-12-05 16:17:00

Game Zone has posted a review of Gothic 3. With a fairly reasonable 7.7 score, the reviewer said:

Defeating creatures and completing quests will gain you experience points, which in turn can be converted over to skill points. They are the same typical skills that games of this type all have so there is nothing unexpected here, what was nice though, is when you find new weapons or items, it is clearly shown whether or not you possess the adequate skill to wield it. You can hold on to it until you improve enough, or you can sell it to one of the many traders that are all over the game for gold. In fact, I would like to thank the developers for coming up with a simple yet effective trading system. Nothing worse then an overblown trading system.

The game is rated T for teens, and I think it should be noted that there is quite a bit of blood and violence, fighting against humans will result in you winning without making a final killing blow, you can choose to execute that final blow, but chances are you won't make any friends by doing so. Of course, there are some instances where it is completely necessary. When it comes to fighting monsters, this feature simply does not exist. Apparently in the middle ages you can kill wolves to the point of extinction and no one will give a crap, but kill the wrong human even if you are defending yourself, then all sorts of problems could come your way. The game possess some complications that others do not.

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