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Vanguard: Preview @ Hooked on Games

by Inauro, 2006-05-29 01:24:00
Hooked on Games previews Sigil's upcoming Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.
Vanguard is going to introduce some new ideas and techniques that most MMOs have been getting wrong or missing the whole time. Let's start at the beginning though, character creation. Vanguard will have the most advanced character creation engine since Star Wars Galaxies. With an unheard of nineteen races to choose from and and near limitless combinations of just about every aspect of your character, it is safe to say that character uniqueness is assured. Traditional races are to be expected in vanguard. Humans (several breeds), dwarves, orcs, the entire family tree of elves, Gnomes and Halflings all make an appearance. They are also introducing a handful of exotic races such as the Vulmane (wolf people), the Kurashasa (cat people), Raki (fox people) and half giants. Even the Goblins are playable!
Source: Hooked on Games

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