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Nightwatch Q&A @ GG Mania

by Kalia, 2006-06-11 01:12:00
Game Guru recently had the chance to sit down with Nightwatch's Dmitri 'Zak' Zakharov, the Head of the PC Development Department in Nival Interactive. It is a fairly general interview focusing on Zak's background and the movie on which it is based:
GGMania: Which characters from Night Watch movie appear in the game?

Dmitri "Zak" Zakharov: As a Night Watch operative you will meet the head of Night Watch Moscow department Gesser. Another famous Light Others, such as Olga and Tiger will sometimes fight together with you against the forces of Darkness. You will also meet Zavulon, "the main mean guy" who is the head of Day Watch as well as his witch-lover Alice.
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Source: Game Guru Mania

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