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Age of Decadence - Peek #1 @ RPG Vault

by Dhruin, 2006-12-06 05:16:24

RPG Vault has an Age of Decadence Peek, with Iron Tower Studios penning an interesting dev diary that starts off mentioning the time spent recently fine-tuning the graphics then delves into the creation of side-quests:

Believe it or not, designing side quests turned out to be one of the biggest challenges. We knew what we didn't want to see - no pointless "save my kitty" quests, no boring and usually uneventful "FedEx" quests, no heroic "kill some rats in some basement" quests, and no feeling that the entire towns have been waiting for you to show up and solve all their problems. What we didn't know is what we wanted to see, so we tried a lot of different things, and in the end, we decided to go with something like this [...]

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