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Archlord - Review @ GameZone

by Inauro, 2006-12-06 21:37:13

GameZone reviews Archlord giving it a slightly above average score of 6.0.

The chance to rule the world – that is the premise behind Archlord, Codemasters' massively multiplayer online title for the PC. Players can fight other players, take control of castles and, through the guild structure, the leader of the top guild can be known as the Archlord – enabled with a special mount and powers … well, until someone else comes along and dethrones him or her.

However, it will take a lot to achieve that status. Becoming adept at fighting is paramount – not only the mobs that populate the world, but other players. Kill too many of the later without justification and a bounty is likely to be placed upon your head.


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