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NWN2 - Review @ RPGDot

by Dhruin, 2006-12-06 23:34:56

The new RPGDot team has posted a review of NWN2.  The score is 9/10 (with 10/10 for value) and here's a snip:

The campaign is very well made and thought out, on the surface it seems to have a lot of variation as to how the storyline plays out, but if you were to delve deeper or play it again with a different character, you would still find yourself doing much the same things. Saying that the campaign is HUGE! I completely forgot the game was split into acts when after quite a way through I was suddenly on Act 2, and here was me thinking I was coming to the end! In all I would say that the campaign lasted me somewhere in the region of 60-100 hours (I lost track of time somewhere during those sleepless nights), although I am a "completionist" type of player who likes to do and get everything possible (annoyingly). So this game will defiantly last the distance in terms of length of the main campaign.

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