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Dark Messiah - Review @ UGO

by Dhruin, 2006-12-07 21:15:44

UGO has posted a review of Dark Messiah.  Saying it was a "a fun, but not classic, experience", the score is 'B':

Unfortunately, not every build is that great. Those who go strong melee with the game's single heal spell to back themselves up with will find they have a much easier time than someone who plays as a thief, caster, or archer. Thieves have to spend far too long setting up single instant kills and still wind up stuck in fights with multiple opponents in their face anyway. Spellcasters will find that damage spells drain their mana very quickly and usually have to be augmented with additional melee attacks as well as mana potions (sure, there is a skill that allows mana regeneration to increase by a massive amount, but you won't get access to this until somewhere around halfway through the game at the very least - and that's if you didn't spend skill points on any actual damage spells). Bow users will find that the skills you can increase to make bows work better just don't do much, and since even those skills don't cost many points, you'll likely just dump them into the game's excellent melee abilities anyway.

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