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RuneScape - Treasure Trails Added @ Official Site

by Kawika, 2006-12-09 11:55:32

A new gameplay element to RuneScape has been added called Treasure Trails which involves gathering clues to find treasures in the form of new items:

 RuneScape players, dust off your spades, gather up your items and practice your emotes: new treasure trails are here! Emote-based treasure trails have been added to the types of trail available by the shifty-looking Uri and his team of agents. These will be dropped from now on amongst the existing clues you have grown to know and love. Uri's clues will tell you where to go, what to wear and which emote he wants to see you perform in order to advance the treasure trail.

If you're lucky, your reward may include some of the new items, such as elegant clothing, new versions of old amulets, shirts featuring Bob the cat, full helmets bearing the heraldry that adorns the kiteshields already available and composite bows. The luckiest players will be given items from the 3rd Age sets, which cover all combat styles and consist of level 65 armors whose stats justify the rarity of their appearance.

Source: Jagex

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