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Gods - LoI - Kyla Cole Special Edition Features

by Garrett, 2006-12-09 12:07:08

Cypron Studios answered our question whether the SE will be available an update for the regular version of Gods:

...Special Edition of Gods will be new version of Gods with Kyla Cole as main hero.

The special edition will contain Kyla as main hero and lot of improvements players asked for:

  • debbuged version with no bugs (or just a minimum ;)
  • new improved animations
  • better graphic
  • brand new soundtrack
  • improved sound effects
  • we would like to improve the alchemy too
  • the retail version will probably contain Kyla Cole calendar (like wallpapers we have just released) for 2007 and Gods OST (original soundtrack CD)

There are still many countries (US, UK, France...) where Gods:LoI hasn't been released yet so we want to attract publishers/players with new, improved GODS:LOI SPECIAL VERSION. And, this game will not contain any sexual content! We are going to release an official PRESS about GODS LOI SE features soon.

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