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RuneScape - Article @ readingeagle.com

by Kawika, 2006-12-09 20:47:28

readingeagle.com has just published a short article about RuneScape by Nick Wingfield of The Wallstreet Journal. The article centers on the game's considerable popularity and financial success, despite its simplicity and being free to play.

RuneScape isn’t the most sophisticated or original online game, and its graphics pale in comparison with those in better-known titles like Vivendi Universal SA’s World of Warcraft.

But because the game is free and easy to download, it has become a big hit, especially among teenagers, for whom the game is something like a three-dimensional version of the social-networking Web site MySpace.com. This week, for example, “RuneScape” is the fourth most searched-for term on the Lycos search engine, after “poker,” “Pamela Anderson” and “Paris Hilton.”


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