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Archlord - Interview @ RPG Vault

by Inauro, 2006-12-11 21:30:23

RPG Vault talks with Tim Hodges of Codemasters about the publisher's decision to make Archlord free-to-play.

Jonric: What led to eliminating the monthly subscription fee, which you announced last week, and why are you making this change so soon after launching your version?

Tim Hodges
: We have always considered a range of payment options for ArchLord, and have toyed with a number of them in an attempt to meet the demands of players. COG has always prided its self on how well we listen to our player base and on reacting to their comments when we can. In this case, players seemed keen to see ArchLord switch to a free to play service, so we crunched the numbers and decided this was a move that we could make.

Time is not important to us; if it's what players want and its in our power to deliver, we will do so irrelevant of how long some things have been in the game. The players wanted payment flexibility, and we have given it to them.

Source: RPG Vault

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