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The Legend of Ares: Ask the Devs @ Stratics

by Inauro, 2006-06-12 05:17:00
Ares Stratics is seeking assistance in putting together a list of questions to ask the developers of The Legend of Ares.
Got questions? Good! Want answers? Perhaps we can lend a hand...

Ares Stratics is giving you the oppertunity to submit a question to the developers of The Legend of Ares!

All that is required of you is:

1. You have a question about The Legend of Ares.
2. You have a Stratics account.

Don't have a Stratics account yet? You can get your free membership HERE.

Once you're past all that, just go to the Ares Stratics forums and visit the "Ask The Devs" thread or just click on "Comment on this article" below this announcement. Post your question there and your done!

The 10 best questions posted will be submitted to the Ares developers for answering and will be published in the upcoming Ares Stratics interview!

Deadline for posting questions is Wednesday, June 14 at midnight (MDT). At that time the thread will be locked and no more questions will be accepted. A list of the questions that made the cut will be posted within a day or two after. Anonymously posted questions will be removed and not considered.

So put on your thinking cap...come up with a really good question or two ( you can submit multiple questions)...and we'll see ya there!

Don't forget to visit the Legend of Ares website at: http://www.legendofares.com

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