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Fallen Earth - Preview @ OGaming

by Rheric, 2006-12-14 17:46:54

A rare bit of exposure for Fallen Earth - OGaming has put up their exclusive preview of the post-apocalyptic MMO title from Icarus Studios.

 So, during this year’s GDC, we jumped at the opportunity to be the first to sit down with Icarus Studios VP of Business Development Christophe Watkins for an actual one-on-one in-game preview of Fallen Earth.

This post-apocalyptic-based MMO takes players to one of the last enclaves of human existence, an area surrounding the Grand Canyon.

One of the most important aspects of Fallen Earth is its well crafted and very mysterious storyline. Watkins points out that the plot of any
doomed world must be believable.

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Fallen Earth

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