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Sega - Hollywood IP Interview @ GameDaily BIZ

by Dhruin, 2006-12-14 20:28:40

GameDaily BIZ has interviewed Scott Steinberg from Sega on the use of Hollywood IP in games - with obvious relevance to the newly-announced Alien RPG:

GameDaily BIZ: With Sega entering the Hollywood licensing business with His Dark Materials, Charlotte's Web and Alien, this is the third Japanese game maker, following Namco-Bandai and Capcom, that's getting into this business. Is this a new trend?


Scott Steinberg: I don't know about a trend. Japanese origin companies in general have realized they have got to get a little more Western with their content, and this certainly has fit the Sega strategy over the last almost three years where we have tried to balance our portfolio. With His Dark Materials, it's New Line as well as Scholastic because these are books, it's a trilogy of books that New Line is making into movies. So, the question is why we saw a time now to jump head long into licensed movie part of video games? Two years ago with the integration of Sega and Sammy, Japan recapitalized Sega and our mission has been to build Sega back up to prominence to a top three or top five leader in the interactive entertainment space. So our goal is to grow the business and we are on a very aggressive product road map that requires us to balance both the stuff we are building from our internal studios, but also goes out and gives us some leeway to buy larger scales licenses. So, we're active and we are getting more active and we've got more in the pipeline and there'll be more new stories in the upcoming months on how we are rounding that out.

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