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Dark Messiah - Review @ Boomtown

by Dhruin, 2006-12-14 20:37:47

Boomtown has a review of Dark Messiah, with a score of 6/10.  Here's a snip that insists comparisons with Oblivion are valid:

You are Sareth. The lowly apprentice of the wizard Phenrig. With his guidance you must steam full pelt into a wide variety of challenges like climbing ropes and kicking relatively broken pieces of wood, with the odd 'save that person's life' or 'kill that dragon' thrown in for good measure. These challenges are not fought alone, though. Before you set off on your journey of self-discovery, Phenrig creates your in-head guidance as a beautiful if bitterly witless seamstress called Xana. She'll be the one telling you what to do next if you ever find yourself without direction.

Which is highly unlikely, may I add. In terms of the story and missions, DM tries just a little too hard to be epic. As much as people disdain comparisons between it and Oblivion, the only reason to disregard them (irrespective of the genre) is because DM does seem to attempt emulation and yet has the narrative consistency of a bog-standard run-'n'-gun FPS. Xana's presence is practically pointless because the types of missions require little more than kill them, steal that, turn this, etc. Mind power has no place in this fantasy.

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