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Age of Conan - Progress Report @ IGN

by Kalia, 2006-12-15 14:14:40

IGN has a 'progress report' on site for Age of Conan. Gaute Godager and Jorgen Theraldson of Funcom stopped over at the IGN offices to show off the game:

While adventures will mainly be single player in the early portion of the game (players will have their own adventure until they meet Conan and enter the MMO portion) there is a little bit of multiplayer here, though on a much smaller scale. Players can meet and head out for smaller adventures together to give a sense of how groups will work in the bigger MMO. Any time players want to get away from any other players in the early portion of the game, they can go to sleep and enter a night time single player version of the world as well. This won't be in the MMO game, but is a cool option to begin with.

Players will also be able to enter any tavern and do a little drunken brawling, which is one of the coolest and silliest ideas for fun PvP. Once in a tavern, players can purchase some alcohol, which will be the trigger for players to enter PvP mode. During a drunken brawling session, any level bonuses and skills are removed from the player's repertoire. Instead, player stats are tied to the type of alcohol consumed. For instance, different drinks like mead and rum might instill different stats for speed, power, and so on. Fight animations are wobbly and fun. Anyone that's poured back a drink or two is fair game while in the tavern so leave your inhibitions at the door and prepare for some good sized bar brawls.


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