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NWN - Infinite Dungeons Interview @ NW Vault

by Kalia, 2006-06-12 17:30:00
Neverwinter Vault has posted an interview with Stanley Woo and Chris Priestly, Quality Assurance team members for the recently released NWN premium module, Infinite Dungeons.
Steve Savicki asks: This module is not entirely hack & slash; there are some puzzles. Would you please briefly state the rewards for those who take the time to solve them?

Chris Priestly: Well there are 3 basic rewards. You will get XP, you will get a treasure reward or you will unlock a passage to a secret area with more monsters and/or treasure in it. And, as already mentioned, if you're in multiplay you'll earn points to brag over your friends that you're much smarter then they are.

Stanley Woo:Jay said I had to come back and finish the interview. I'm putting up with Chris for the community's sake. That's how much I love our community, man.

Chris Priestly: Speaking of people you are smarter than... welcome back, monkey!
Read it here.
Source: NW Vault

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