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Titan Quest Update Interview @ RPG Vault

by Kalia, 2006-06-12 18:28:00
RPG Vault is beginning a weeklong series of interviews and features about the upcoming action RPG, Titan Quest. Today they interview Iron Lore members Brian Sullivan and Tom Potter.
Jonric: How much technical knowledge is required to use it (the level editor- editor's comment), and in what ways are you planning to support users?

Tom Potter: Of course, to make a level really stand out, you need to know how to use all of the more advanced options. And by their nature, advanced options might be more difficult for casual users to grasp initially - like editing water parameters, adding fog layers - so we'll be moderating forums and helping people through any problems they might encounter. We're making tutorial videos to supplement the text instructions that ship with the game. We'll also be supporting the editor in any Titan Quest updates or future products. We're dying to get feedback from everyone, and I've got my own huge wish list, so expect the editor to get better and better with time.
Read it all here.
Source: RPG Vault

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